My friend told me NOT to get tumblr...?

Answer You should totally get one! I've only been on it for a year and my innocence isn't gone. LOL! Maybe she doesn't want you to get an account because she might have one and doesn't want you to copy he... Read More »

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My mom told me she may have thyroid cancer and my best friend told me she cuts herself?

I'm really sorry that you received this bad news. I'm praying for both your mom and your best friend. Give your worries to God, and keep your eyes on him. Jesus loves you so much that he paid for y... Read More »

My friend told me about this website.?

No. is NOT safe, and can seriously damage your computer. It has the same effects as installing "lunix" on your hard drive. You will have to send your hard drive into a repair shop to ge... Read More »

I've got a friend who told me to get into modeling... Pic?

I would try it. You could be in commercial modelling, but not high fashion modelling.

My friend told me i have to be 19 to wear a tampon?

No, you can be any age (as long as you're on you period) to use a tampon, although it may be easier to use pads at first, although you shouldn't use them for swimming as the blood and stuff can sti... Read More »