My friend says eating unhealthy or fattening foods can help build bulky muscle?

Answer different people need different diets and workout strategies... so what will work for one will almost certainly not work for another person.skinny people often do have to eat a lot of calories to b... Read More »

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How can i keep myself from eating unhealthy, fattening food?

build muscle. it'll take your extra fat.(fat that didn't get burn)i don't exactly remember how.drink lots of water, eat nuts and raisins to increase slowly, becaus... Read More »

10 Best Foods to Build Lean Muscle?

Building muscle is commonly associated with drinking raw eggs and eating exorbitant amounts of meat. Protein is the most important factor when building strength, but in combination with complex car... Read More »

If I am Vegan, what are some foods that I need to eat to build muscle?

Eat tons of protein to help build muscle - like soy, beans, nuts, tofu, etc.

Help! My friend has pulled a muscle in his weenie, should he rub icy hot on it?

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