My friend sat on a toilet at work, and it collapsed...?

Answer Yes if the toilet collapsed i reckon she can make a case out of it. You should look into it. Im glad that she is okay and has not hurt herself. But this could have been very serious

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What to do if builders work at the exterior of the house when you are at work but they want to use toilet?

MY gurl has a dude friend and she work out with him she dont wont to work out with me why is that?

How Does a Gravity Toilet Work?

Most standard home toilets are gravity flush toilets, which are basically a simple operation. They rely on the law of gravity to flush waste into the sewer system. By law, all toilets have a 1.6-ga... Read More »

How does a toilet pump work?

when you flush that pump pumps down and the water is set free with everything else and it fills up new water