My friend said girls will stop having periods after they have sex, it dat true ?

Answer If they get pregnant, then yes. Otherwise no they wont stop.

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Is this true girls about periods?

thats what i've heard. but it could be just a myth.

You want to get pregnant ihave used pill for 1 yr and know you have stop taking it for about 6 monthsin this 6 months you got 2 periodswell is it true that you should try for a baby after 3 periods?

PERIODS! (girls only)?

Most sources will say if you havent gotten it by 16 you should get it checked out, because the passage could be blocked or you might need a pill to jump start your hormones.

Help periods! Girls only ;-)?

That's okay, some girls start age 10 and some girls start age 18! I wouldn't be desperate to get yours if I were you. It's not too amazing, trust me haha! It sometimes depends on what age your mum ... Read More »