My friend needs help showering, how do i do it. ?

Answer take soap, and a loofa or something and scrub his thingy and bunghole and whatnot.

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My friend needs a new heart! HELP?

easy peasy. Stores are already decorating for valentine's day. Just go to the store and buy some heart stickers. Put one on her chest. Voila! New heart!

A friend of mine has acute pancreatitis. She needs help designing a low fat vegetarian diet to aid her?…………

Does showering everyday help acne?

OH YEAH!i use clearasil in my daily showeronce a dayive been using it for 8 years nowit has worked wonders even during my periods

Is it good to use rubbing alcohol on your body every day after showering to help prevent pimples?

NO NO NO! UNLESS YOU WANT TO PERMANENTLY STUFF UP YOUR SKIN, THEN IN THAT CASE, BY ALL MEANS USE RUBBING ALCOHOL ON PIMPLES! Rubbing alcohol is harsh, and will over-dry and irritate your skin, AKA ... Read More »