My friend is in an abusive house hold how can you get her out legally without having to go through all kinds of legal stuff My mom has DHS classes and all but she needs out now and legally is long?

Answer Take her toa battered woman's shelter. They will keep her safe and secure and help her though the legal processes involved. They will even escort her to court dates, etc.You local church, social se... Read More »

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How do you get girl friend out of my house legally?

A friend that is legally blind on one eye....?

My daughter is also blind in one eye and has been since birth (she's 12 now) - There is no such thing as an eye transplant. There are too many nerves running through the eye for this to work (for n... Read More »

Can you legally adopt your friend even if she has parents?

Yes, in most states if she/he is an adult and consents to the adoption. Check the laws in your area for more information. Adult adoptions can be done pro se.

How can a mother legally adopt her daughter's friend?

Answer The child must be available for adoption...that means the parental rights of the birth parents must be terminated legally. I have one friend who signed over her rights to someone else so th... Read More »