My friend hit his head and passed he's really sick?

Answer Go to the nearest emergency room, NOW!!!!

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Last night I was woken up by the nuclear train trundling passed my friend's house at 4am in the morning?

Yes - they go along the North London Line at least twice a week on their way from Dungeness to Sellafield! ! !

My Friend is sick?

Hello!! Does he have any diagnosis from any doctor? Humans on this Earth only have one liver, that is it and we can not live without it. I take many medications for RA and I have blood work done ev... Read More »

How to Help a Really Sick Friend or Relative?

You don't have to feel helpless when you find out that a friend or family member is very ill. There are many small, inexpensive ways to send smiles to a loved one who may be too far away or too ill... Read More »

How to Hang Out with a Sick Friend?

"[cough] Sorry, I just can't go to that movie today. I feel just awful. It must be the flu, I didn't get a shot, so I might be in bed a few days. Maybe some other time." Don't let these words get y... Read More »