My friend has this thing called Limewire, lots of people say it is illegal, is it?

Answer Using limewire is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted files with limewire is illegal.

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HELP Whats that thing called that allows your friend to control your computer from their computer (We bother?

In general, "remote access software"There is VNC for Mac, for sure (that's available cross-platform on Windows, Mac and Linux).You can give someone control, or just let them watch while you run som... Read More »

Is it illegal to tape a film off the television. my friend says its a copyright issue, which is illegal.?

You can tape it if it's ONLY for your personal use and you neither charge people to see it not try to sell it anywhere ! ! !

Is it really illegal to use limewire now?

LimeWire itself isn't illegal, but if you use it to download copyrighted files for free (this includes music, pictures, videos and even documents) that you are effectively stealing from the owners ... Read More »

How is Limewire illegal?

Who said limewire was illegal? If it was illegal, they would have been removed, fined, or even jailed long ago. What can be said about limewire is that you have to be careful and insist on checki... Read More »