My friend has got this weblog what do you thing?

Answer Nice weblogThanks

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My friend has this thing called Limewire, lots of people say it is illegal, is it?

Using limewire is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted files with limewire is illegal.

Wierd thing:my friend connected a keyboard to his pc and his system got is this possible?

This is highly unlikelyIf you friends experienced the same infection it is software related not hardware , keyboards and other PS2 or USB Plug and Play devices do not have flash upgradeable ROM so ... Read More »

My friend keeps being called by this # 05-230-2659, no one on other end what # is this?

i worked for a phone company once. SBC.We used what's called a reverse number directory. go to to use the one we usedKeep in mind, this isn't going to tell you much if it's a ... Read More »

My friend was born this aids, what does this mean?

She was not born with AIDS. She was born HIV positive. There is a difference. You should really learn it before talking to anyone about it. Being that you are 21 you should really know the differen... Read More »