My friend has got this weblog what do you thing?

Answer Nice weblogThanks

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How can i create a weblog?

There are a lot of places where you can create blog.http://blogger.comhttp://wordpress.comI recommend Blogger for non-self hosting.For self-hosting, get Wordpress software @ an... Read More »

How to Maintain a Good Weblog?

Many people want a way to express themselves on the internet. While some people are concerned about "Public" things like Myspace, a blog is a great way to express, communicate, and idealize your pr... Read More »

How to Scare Your Friend With "The Thing"?

So, this is how to scare your friend with John Carpenter's sci-fi horror, "the Thing"!

My friend said thing she wasn't supposed to in a youtube video?

Don't ask, tell her to take it down. It is a common curtsey to ask permission before you give out facts about someone in such a public manner, particularly sensitive information. The least she shou... Read More »