My friend has a masturbation problem?

Answer Basically, it is virtually impossible for a man to masturbate and not attach lustful thoughts to the act in order to achieve an ejaculation. Some view this act as being wrong. I fall in that cate... Read More »

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Possible Masturbation Problem?

Yes, you could have contracted a STD. Do you even wash you're hands before/after you do it? You can get STD'S from surfaces that the bacteria/virus lay on.

How to Talk About Masturbation With a Friend?

Have you ever wanted to talk with a friend about Masturbation? Don't know how to start? Follow this easy steps.

Im having no back pain of masturbation . Is that a problem!?

There's no reason that masturbating should make your back hurt.If a person has a poor back, then many activities might make a person's back hurt.

I am afraid that I have a problem with excessive to cut back?