My friend got brown discharge last year?

Answer morgan what the??? how do you know her friend is a boy and she said her and she in the question anyway might have mistaked it as poo but even if it was discharge it usually lasts for 6-36 months

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If you have faint brown discharge mean thta you will get your period in a year or soon?

Getting brownish gross looking discharge is normal, but I do not think that it has anything to do with when you actually get your period. It does depend on each person if your trying to predict whe... Read More »

Is brown discharge and light pink discharge a sign of pregnancy?

Answer yes this a sign of pregmancy... these discharge are called implatation bleeding and it last for one to two days--you can take a hpt to find out if you are pregnant or not..... best wishes A... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you have a small amount of brown discharge on the day after you are supposed to have your period and no cramping like with your normal period and you had EW discharge on 9 10?

ANSWERIt is possible to have an abnormal period during pregnancy,{it is actually more common than you would think} I myself had what I would consider a light period during the first three months of... Read More »

Brown discharge..never had my period before, though?

that comes before your period as an early symptom thats one(: thats how i knew mine was coming-most definatley at some point during the year you will get it