My friend got an artificial leg. How can I help him?

Answer Hi,He has to get over what caused his leg to be amputated.That means a drastic diet change, and taking medications to control his condition.My guess is that you are going from a person who beats yo... Read More »

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How can a friend help a friend who is being abused in their family?

call the police and tell them you dont want them giving the abuser any info of who told for your friend tell the police that you want them remove the day you call when you call make sure your frien... Read More »

Please help my friend has blood coming out of his anus regularly i need to help him?

The most common causes are anal fissures or hemorrhoids but it could also be something far more serious as in…

My girl friend keeps getting and erasing my email I change passwords it doesnt help please help me?

Create a password using both alpha and numeric characters.Then, get a new girlfriend.

Please help, my friend is telling me that if I don't have hd channels than i can't get hd quality help.?

You need both the HD box and you need to subscribe to HD channel package. Once you subscribe to the high def package ($10 month), you will see 2 channels for many of the different channels. One cha... Read More »