My friend called me fat?

Answer You need a new friend. It's quite obvious that she is jealous of you. You're not fat. And even if you were a bit overweight, your friend shouldn't treat you that way! What a horrible thing to s... Read More »

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Was john carpenter the contestant on who wants to be a millionaire that called his father as a phone a friend and said dad just called to let you know i won a million dollars?

How to Stop a So Called Friend from Putting You Down?

You have a "friend" who can be funny and fun to be with sometimes, but in front of others, puts you down or uses you as the butt of jokes or pranks. How do you handle this unusual relationship? Is ... Read More »

My friend has this thing called Limewire, lots of people say it is illegal, is it?

Using limewire is not illegal, but downloading copyrighted files with limewire is illegal.

A friend told me about something called “Facedeals”. What is this?

I saw something about this on the news one night. It's a facial recognition app that works with Facebook. Cameras are set up at the entrances to businesses and record everyone going in. If you a... Read More »