My friend and doctor was killed. I am in so much pain. How can I bring him back?

Answer Don't worry over-much! He was a great Doctor, this is just a minor set back for him. His ressurection is imminent! I can just feel it!

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I was in a car accident 5 days ago i have lower back pain and rib pain & feels horrible should i see a doctor?

Definately go to your doctor right away! Get any tests your doctor prescribes because your back and ribs are a big deal! You don't want to have back problems in the future! Until you go to your ... Read More »

What is the best medicine for lower back pain Need help from a doctor?

If you keep taking the anti-inflammatory medicines, you are just blocking the body's natural healing mechanisms. It will make you feel better in regard to pain, but will inhibit the healing proces... Read More »

I have a herniated disk at L4, L5 and S1, My pain went away but came back, not as bad, and my doctor took an X?

Yes herniated discs show up on x-ray.It is quiet normal for a Doctor to order an x-ray review when your symptoms return, worsen or don't let up.The x-ray can tell him if there is anything wrong? If... Read More »

My doctor gave me Oxycontin OP (non abusive) for my back pain...will they make me feel drugged?

It doesn't sound weird. A lot of people don't like the mood-altering effects of opioid pain relievers. It's an undesirable side effect, just like constipation, respiratory suppression, etc. The dop... Read More »