My first tattoo Help?

Answer I think its a nice idea to get a tattoo in memorial of your late son. I don't think you need to get a tattoo of all you children, you still have them, you see them everyday. If you get Wesley tatto... Read More »

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First tattoo help!?

tattoos are forbidden in the bible-----I urge you to reconsider-----anyhow----if you feel you must----I would recommend a tattoo of a nice star----that sounds quite lovely---if you ask me----

HELP!! Im getting my first tattoo and I need to know if it looks better in black or in color?

My new tattoo isn't accurate. How do I tell my tattoo artist this without sounding stupid Help please!?

Is this your first tattoo? If so, it's completely understandable why you're freaking out.Scabbing and fading is normal during the healing process. MOST tattoos have to be touched up, because the in... Read More »

Who invented the first tattoo gun?

Thomas Edison invented a machine that was intended for engraving that Samuel O' Reilly later patented as a tattoo machine after some modifications to the design, according to Tattoo Read More »