My first period is very heavy I went threw 6 pads!?

Answer Why haven't you told your mom?There is no reason not to and she is going to find out sooner or later.My advice for when you sleep is to wear pads that are specifically made for nighttime--they're l... Read More »

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Very heavy period and horrible cramping?

You must pay much attention to it. If the this situation continues or gets worse, call a doctor immediately.There is no reason to stay in pain, or to ignore this abnormal symptom. It could be somet... Read More »

Why is my First Postpartum Period Persistent and Heavy?

After childbirth, many women experience a period-like time of bleeding known as lochia. Lochia is derived from a Greek word that translates to "relating to childbirth." This bleeding is completely ... Read More »

Was your first period light or heavy?

Very Heavy. Always has been too... :/ I feel you!

If you had a normal period had unprotected sex then had a very very light period had sex again and after sex your stomach started to cramp can you be pregnant?

AnswerYes pregnancy is always a possibility when you have participated in any unprotected sexual act not to mention the risk of getting a disease I suggest that you go get an at home test asap or m... Read More »