My first period is very heavy I went threw 6 pads!?

Answer Why haven't you told your mom?There is no reason not to and she is going to find out sooner or later.My advice for when you sleep is to wear pads that are specifically made for nighttime--they're l... Read More »

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Can You be pregnant even if you are getting your period but it is light and then heavy and is nothing like what your period usually is if you feel weak get sick after you eat something are over tired?

How to sneak a sidekick threw walk threw school scanners?

Take the battery out and put the battery and ur bag. The battery sets the scanners off. Its too big to hide anywhere on ur body.

Could you be pregnant if your flow is usually heavy and dark but recent period was weird like medium flow and bright period alway on time last full 6 day but this time came day late ended day early?

Answer Usually, if you are having your period you aren't pregnant. If you are young (say under 20) then your body is still "getting into the groove" of ovulating and having periods---your periods w... Read More »

Heavy period Please read?

Try covering your underwear with pads( put one normally and one in the back). Yeah u should get some maxi pads or get the pads that are specially made for nighttime. Hope this helps