My first build SATA 3 cables..?

Answer Motherboards usually come with all the cables you need, so I'd assume you'll get SATA 3 cables with yours. If not you can always order some.…

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Need help with SATA cables?

The product you have selected is indeed an OEM product (Like you stated), meaning that it will only come with the drive itself and no other cables or connectors. When you are adding things... Read More »

Do motherboards come with SATA cables?

Motherboards with SATA connectors usually come with the cables necessary for connecting SATA hard drives. Additionally, if your motherboard has IDE hard drive and floppy disk drive connectors, it w... Read More »

Can Windows XP be loaded on a SATA hard drive without the SATA drives?

Both the 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows XP can only be installed onto a SATA hard drive if the necessary SATA drivers are installed onto the system during the setup process.References:Microsoft... Read More »

Ok upgrading PC SATA Quest. I got a old IED ribbion CD rom dvd . But new board has 3.0 6.0 sata conections?

1) SATA 3 / 6 is compatible with older SATA II (2), so 'yes' you can2) Old SATA cables SHOULD work on SATA 6 so long as they are 'short' ..... however SOME SATA 6 sockets have a metal 'shield' tag ... Read More »