My fingers hurt when I play the guitar?

Answer 1) Your finger tips are gonna hurt until you develop calluses. Lay off and let them heal a bit or you'll just wind up with blisters that will take even longer to heal. Ice or ice water helps reliev... Read More »

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Why do my fingers hurt after playing the guitar?

You are doing nothing wrong whatsoever. The fact is, your fingers are sore from not playing the guitar very often. After you play for a couple of weeks, you will begin to grow calluses on your fing... Read More »

What kind of guitar did Mississippi John Hurt play?

Mississippi John Hurt played a second-hand Black Anne guitar his mother bought him for $1.50 at the age of 9, according to The Mudcat Cafe Music Foundation Inc. Hurt taught himself how to play the ... Read More »

I have a writing disorder so i use a computer but when i start to type my fingers starts to hurt?

You can use Speech recognition software like Dragon, this will remove most of the need for typing!

My longboard fell on my arm and it hurts and there's giant lump there and when i press on it my fingers hurt?

You should go and see your doctor. I can't really tell you if it's fractured or not unless you put an internet link for a photo of your arm on here. Then I might be able to tell you.