My fingers are curving what could be the reason?

Answer I had a simular problem. One day I went fishing and caught a small hard head salt water catfish. When I went to take the fish off the hook his fin stuck me between my right ring finger and the midd... Read More »

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What could be wrong with my fingers/hands?

What could be the reason for craving for salt ............?

Salt cravings are a common occurrence and are usually not severe. There are many reasons for salt cravings and most are mild and can be treated easily. There are a few reasons that are more serious... Read More »

What could b the reason for me to feel restless?

Hi there! First of all, I've NEVER heard of a diet on eggs and potatoes ;D If you want to loose weight, you'll have to vary your food :) And eat lots of vegetables, fruit in stead of cookies and wi... Read More »

What Could Be the Reason My Car Smells Like Gasoline?

If you climb into your car and notice the smell of gasoline, you might start to worry. There are several reasons why your car might smell like gas. While some aren't serious, there are a few potent... Read More »