My finger nails are purple -readplease-?

Answer You could have poor circulation which can be cause by dehydration yes drink plenty of water and try to stay active of course im not a doctor and you should go see one asap but i do believe water an... Read More »

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My ring finger is purple and swollen?

That jerk that squeezed your finger ruptured your capillary arteries in your finger. It's a ****** up bruise. It serves you right though. Next time don't make the same mistake.

Why is your finger tips purple and swollen?

Either it's frostbite or an infection. I would see a doctor soon.

What does it mean when a finger is purple?

There are many reason why a finger turns purple. The main reasons are due to Anoxia - a condition where there is lack of oxygen to body tissues, coagulopathy - a disorder of the normal blood clotti... Read More »

About Finger Nails?

Fingernails are comparable to the claws that protect animals from predators and aid in killing prey. In humans, fingernails serve a much less important day-to-day role, but they are high on the lis... Read More »