My finger just started bleeding out of nowhere. Why did this happen?

Answer It's just your imagination.

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What would happen if the vein in your arm was cut and you started bleeding?

You should put pressure on the bleeding arm and raise it in the air. If you're alone and this happens, still put pressure on your arm and raise it, but try to find someone who knows first aid. Hope... Read More »

Just cut finger with a knife seems that it wont stop bleeding?

Try a "liquid band-aid." It is a bottle of liquid that will air dry on your skin and seal the wound. It works great. It works much better than a regular band-aid. (Although it stings like hell when... Read More »

I just got my finger stuck in a car door whats gonna happen?

just put ice on it and ur finger nail might come off but it will be okay. i promise it will be just fine. wrap a washcloth around ur ice and tape it to ur finger wit medical tape....good luck. hope... Read More »

What will happen if I just leave the splinter in my finger?

>>It will eventually work its way out. It could however get infected. I think I read somewhere once that if you put olive oil or honey on it, it helps it come out. Cannot remember which one though.... Read More »