My finger got stuck in a car door...?

Answer Please don't listen some of the previous statements telling you to pierce your own nail. Go to the professionals and let them have a look and decide whats best.

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I just got my finger stuck in a car door whats gonna happen?

just put ice on it and ur finger nail might come off but it will be okay. i promise it will be just fine. wrap a washcloth around ur ice and tape it to ur finger wit medical tape....good luck. hope... Read More »

Oww! I got my ring stuck on my finger and it seems like my finger is getting fatter by the hour. What do I do?

Try soaping it up real good , then try to pull it off. It that doesn't work put some kind of oil on your finger, cookind oil, baby oil etc, then try to get it off. If that doesn't work, you will ha... Read More »

I smashed my finger in the car door two days ago. Door fully closed and latched. Still Swollen. BROKEN?

ok i have to say owwww on your behalf and say that you are a very good typer! how long did it take you to type this question? you couldve been at the doctors probobly...:)sorry i had to lol

A door hits my kids finger when i close the door ,what to dois anything serious?

Could have a broken finger if it swells up like a balloon, then that is a fracture. Emergency room required, if not pack in ICE with Gauze.