My fella drinks 2 beers a night?

Answer No, he's not an alcoholic if he drinks 2 beers a night. There's nothing wrong with having a drink after a hard day's work.

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How many beers or drinks does it take for you to be drunk?

How to Drink Two Beers Before Somebody Drinks Two Shots?

Win a bet that you can drink two beers before someone else can drink two shots. One rule: You can't touch the other person's drink. (as seen in the movie Poolhall Junkies)

Is it a problem if i drink 6-10 beers every night?

I am appaled and outraged at everyone who thinks this is a problem! NO, drinking 6-10 beers a night is NOT a problem. Yes, you may be a drunk, or even an alcoholic, but this question is WAY to va... Read More »

My doctor said I should have at most two martinis a night. What should the other 12 drinks be?

one burboun, one scotch and ten beers!!!!!