My feet hurt so badly because of my new job....What should I do while at work?

Answer what are those certain shoes, and if they were really okay then your feet wouldn't hurt after a few minutes at work.however, don't get arch supports unless you are sure that is the cause. go see a... Read More »

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Weird red spots on feet looks as if veins exploded, doesnt hurt but feet hurt after short standing periods?

You probably should see a podiatrist and find out what's going on with your feet. You may be developing varicose veins in your feet (which can be genetic) or it could be something else. If it's v... Read More »

How badly does braces hurt?

Hey Angie,From my experience braces like sort've like an annoying thing to deal with. It doesn't really hurt when you first get them on. What I found the three hardest things to deal with were: the... Read More »

How badly do you think this tattoo would hurt?

I have a tattoo on each shoulder blade. It did not hurt at all. And I'm very pleased with the way they turned out. However, I do not have a fear of needles. But if you can't see the need, it should... Read More »

How badly does a bee sting hurt?

Really it depends on where they are sticking the needle. I have had bee stings and I have had local anesthesia. They are very comparable and rank about a 2 to 3 in most cases.However, any time I ... Read More »