My feces are white with a reddish tint at the end?

Answer A reduction or absence of bile salts can cause the stool to become a pale clay-like color. Bile salt production can be reduced due to severe liver disease such as hepatitis or cirrhosis. The passag... Read More »

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How to Tone Down a Reddish Color Tint?

Because it is powerful and bright, red coloring often overtakes hair that is supposed to be reddish brown or strawberry blond. Luckily, red hair color fades more quickly than other hair colors, so ... Read More »

Shrub northern temperate rosacous genus white or pink flowers and reddish fruits?

Roses, plums, cherries, meadowsweet, brambles, strawberry, hawthorn, applies, pears, service tress, and quinces. (Like a rose in shape or appearance)

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