My favorite page on wikia is trolled,.?

Answer Wikis are user modified. It is up to the admins to keep trolls out.~Report the changes, they will restore the pages. You don't have the skills to stop it.

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How to find all the places that link to a page on a Wikia?

Page on Wikia hasn't been active for years?

Ask them if you can be the admin.~

Is it possible to view a deleted Wikia page's contents?

We are unpaid volunteers here at Yahoo! Answers. Wikia, Inc. has a paid staff of approximately 35 people. Wouldn't it make more sense if you came out of the volunteer message board about WIKIPEDI... Read More »

Way to download Marvel Wikia and Dc Wikia?

You can use a website crawler to download the entire site as the spider is crawling the website. I'm fairly sure you're violating the spirit of a wikia by trying to make the content available offli... Read More »