My father was abusive towards my sisters and me how should I deal with the situation?

Answer There are many resources made available for person(s) who have been abused either by a family member or spouse. There is a division of most court systems called Crime Victim Assistance that can off... Read More »

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How to Deal With an Abusive Father?

Is your dad the big bully in your house? If he intentionally hurts you, physically or emotionally, something must be done immediately. Since he's your father, however, you can't treat this situatio... Read More »

What do you do to help a mother in her late 40's and her child deal with a 51-year-old father who is verbally abusive if he doesn't know that he is?

Abuse is a deal breaker in a relationship. Especially if there are children. Physical abuse often follows verbal abuse, and in any case, it can cause stress- related health issues over time. In ... Read More »

Can a pregnant 15-year-old be emancipated if her father is abusive and will not allow her to live with the father of her baby?

Pregnancy And Emancipation A 15-year-old is not eligible for emancipation in any of the few states that have grounds and procedures for the act.If the minor needs assistance due to being in an abus... Read More »

How do you help your son regarding his absent abusive father?

Answer In Canada we have "Big Brothers" and these are men that give their time to young boys that have no fathers, absent fathers or abusive fathers. Boys need a male figure-head as I am sure you... Read More »