My father has been told he has diabetes what kind of food should he avoid and what can he eat?

Answer Diabeties took my boys dad's life last year they are 14/16/18/and 19..I want to tell you something, it is a bad disease and it is wise, to tell him to stay away from Alcohal, breads, potatoes, chip... Read More »

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Women with Gestational Diabetes should avoid which food before 10 am?

Your doctor will order oral glucose tolerance test or fasting blood sugar test.

What kind of food should i serve at a 1year old's b-day party i was told party wings hot dogs and beans?

I don't many babies who eat wings and hot dogs are a huge choking hazard. And beans for a baby??? How about cupcakes, fruit, cheeses, some pasta.....

I have been told i have diabetes?

I don't know your age, that's a little problem. Moreover the test that showed 7.2 was fasting or random----you didn't mention! Well, to me, 7.2 is not high level. 5 to 6 is better. Crossing 7.5 is ... Read More »

How did you feel when your doctor told you that you had Diabetes?

well i was 10 years old, so i was definitely angry because i grew up with my mom having it, so i knew everything i had to do, and i knew it would be hard. i used to cry and get angry and ask why me... Read More »