My father always says that he got diabetes because of stress at work and in the family, could it be right?

Answer Both physical and emotional stress can cause diabetes when it was dormant.…In type 1 diabetes is often found right after the flue or even just a cold.Since... Read More »

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What is the percentage of me getting diabetes, im 14. gonna turn 15 soon. none of my family has diabetes.?

Don't be stupid. "Too much sweet drinks" doesn't cause diabetes, moron

What is the actual effect of stress on diabetes?

Stress triggers the release of certain steroidal like chemicals in the body. Steroids, whether natural or pharmaceutical, raise the release ratio of sugars and therefore the glucose levels in the b... Read More »

Can stress aggravates and increase type 2 diabetes?

No stress does not cause someone to get diabetes. But if you have diabetes stress can cause blood sugar levels to increase. It is an easy enough topic to read up on legit medical/diabetic websites.

What should a pregnant 15-year-old do if her father will not allow her to have any contact with the father of her baby or his family?

Answer Let him know that you need him in this baby's life and that it is not fair for your baby to not have a dad, ask him what he would have done if your grandfather didn't let him have any conta... Read More »