My facebook login is not working?

Answer Just tried to log in.. Theres an internet server error that has lasted for two days now. IT was reported that the server is down and should be back up. The weird thing is they said it would work at... Read More »

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I cant able to login facebook when i login it says login with new email and password?

Sounds like your password has been stolen somehow, and those details changed on your account.  Use the forgotten password links on the login page to gain access to your security questions -- hopef... Read More »

Can't login to Facebook?

Why won't my facebook login?

You may need to do a Virus Scan of your computer with your security program...(and you have to "De-frag" the computer every now and then...)(Also...clear your History, and delete all saved email yo... Read More »

I can't login to Facebook 9 23 2010 anyone else?

I'm in the US and I'm having the same problem.Facebook is eitherA. DeadB. In a ComaC. Having a seizure