My face swollen after i got my tongue done?

Answer First of all bad idea doing it yourself!!!! You should go atleast to a tattoo shop and let them check it out. or go to doctor!

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I hit my face it is now swollen how do i reduce the swollen?

Swollen tongue and birth control?

You should not take the medication again and report this side effect immediately to your doctor or pharmacist. Be on the alert for further tongue swelling and go to the ER (A & E) if you feel any ... Read More »

Okay so I got my tongue web pierced and I want to know how long it should be swollen for ?

If it's been one week, it's pretty normal for there to be SOME swelling. It takes about 6- 8 weeks for your mouth to fully get used to it. To help the swelling go down, rinse your mouth in salt wat... Read More »

Birth control pills swollen tongue?

your reacting to one of them, stop taking both tablets and go and see your gp asap.