My eyes keep blacking out, why is this?

Answer I occasionally get that. In short, your blood pressure drops suddenly when you stand up abit too quickly, everything spins briefly and everything goes black. It's like a momentary loss of conscio... Read More »

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I need a medical answer, why do i keep feeling dizzy/blacking out!?

This could be as a result of the accident and your brain is healing a small injury and therefore requiring extra blood flow. When you run you get hot and your blood vessels dilate, the same happen... Read More »

How come I keep hearing that blue eyes are prettier than brown eyes?

I keep putting sunscreen in my eyes to protect them, but why do they keep turning red?

Because your not supposed to put sunscreen IN your eyes. You should buy some sunglasses. It will protect your eyes better and it will be less painful.

How can this be possible where the couple has brown eyes and the child can have blue eyes?

Blue eyes are a recessive trait, while brown eyes are dominant. If both parents are heterozygous for brown eyes, it means they both carry the recessive trait for blue eyes, and so there is a 25% ch... Read More »