My eyes hurt but I don't know why?

Answer Eye strain can be caused by lack of sleep but more likely from having a fixed gaze which is why they hurt when you roll your eyes to the extremes .. My guess is you're addicted to the internet and... Read More »

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My throat has hurt for 3 days.i dont want to go to the doctor.What should i do, take a pill or something?

Check to see if you have puss balls in your throat. If you do, then u HAVE to go to the doctor.. because that means their is an infection and u'll need antibiotic...If you don't see any white (pus... Read More »

Boobs hurt cramps and pms but still no period worried because dont know if sex happened or not?

Answer It sounds like you could pregnant, but then again, these symptoms are also symptoms of your period. It all depends on how late you are, and when you had sex. I'm not sure about how you woul... Read More »

Why do your eyes hurt after you cry?

Well if you rubbed your eyes, then the rubbing in of dirt causes hurt and irritation.ALso, tears tend to dry and leave a residue behind like salt/dirt, this goes into the eye and causes more irrita... Read More »

Please Help :( My Eyes Hurt?

I have cried like that before too and not that long ago. What helps me when this happens is to get a washcloth soaked in cold water and hold it on my face. That will help with the bags and the puff... Read More »