My eyelid is twitching! Please help!?

Answer I get a twitchy eye when im sleepy or dont sleep fpr long!!! should go away by its self!!

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Why is my eyelid twitching uncontrollably?

I used to get those random muscle twitches and remember asking the same question. Often, the twitches were my eyelids. I know that it is very irritating. I always wondered if people noticed. ... Read More »

How can you stop your eyelid from twitching?

Why is my eyelid constantly twitching What can I do to make it stop?

Perhaps you need extra magnesium (as in nuts) as in…

Eye Twitching?

my eye twitches sometimes and it feels really wierd...sometimes it happens alot and others it doesnt...all depends on if i get enough sleep or how stressed out i am... and the itchiness happens too... Read More »