My eyebrows are weird and how do i fix them?

Answer you should go to a local spa or salon and ask then to clean up your brows or shape them if they need that but tell them to go easy so they don't like take your whole brow offyou can use a cheap dru... Read More »

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Are my eyebrows weird :S (pics)?

They don't look bad. If you like them who cares :)

Are my eyebrows weird ( picture included! )?

No they are thin but they are nicely shaped. okay check this site out. Anastasia has become famous for doing celebrity brows like Paris Hilton, Nicole Ritchie, and I think even Ophra. This site h... Read More »

How to Trim Eyebrows and Comb Them Down?

Women's eyebrows tend to become thinner as they age as a result of frequent grooming, while men's eyebrows tend to grow long and wiry from testosterone. Men benefit from eyebrow trimming that tames... Read More »

Do Eyebrows Grow Back If You Pluck Them?

Eyebrows are a very noticeable part of a woman's or man's facial appearance. Eyebrows can be plucked, waxed or shaved to complement facial features. It is important not to get too tweezer happy and... Read More »