My eyeball just popped out of the socket--what should I do quick!!!!!?

Answer Okay, how did it pop out in the first place. Did it come out? Are you holding it with your hand? I say, try to pop it back in without injury, then go to the doctor. If you can't, call the ambulance... Read More »

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One of the fluorescant lightbulbs just popped in my room, and now it's making a weird smell. What should I do?

Youll need to get an electrician to replace the ballast or the capacitor (or both) inside the light fitting.That noise is the sound of a short in either of the above mentioned devices. Switch the l... Read More »

My knee just popped and now I cant bend it back or up. What happened and what should I do?

Frink Zoe is right--The most common cause for sudden onset symptoms like this, without any significant proceeding trauma, is a dislocation of the knee-cap (or patella.)If you gently feel around you... Read More »

I just spilt water on a plug socket. What should I do?

You could get a blow drier and plug it in at a different room using an extension cord, and blow hot air wherever it's wet. But it'll be safer not to use it a few hours after you dry it anyway.

An idea that just popped, should i do this with the celery?

make an smoothie and mix it with banana and papaya. ummm yummy yummy