My eyeball just popped out of the socket--what should I do quick!!!!!?

Answer Okay, how did it pop out in the first place. Did it come out? Are you holding it with your hand? I say, try to pop it back in without injury, then go to the doctor. If you can't, call the ambulance... Read More »

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Morbid Question: If the eyeball is out of the socket but still attached can it still see?

yes. if the optic nerve and blood supply are still intact. Try and see.

The electrical plug socket has stopped working in the utility room . I've replaced the socket but ....?

Any chance it's on a separate fuse from the others? Check (carefully!) that power is getting to the wiring at the back of the socket

Is it safe for me to plug a 4 socket surge protecter into a 2 socket stabilizer?

well seeing your not a blonde it should be safe !

Is a Pentium 4 Willamette Socket 478 compatible with a Prescott Socket 478?

The Pentium 4 Willamette was designed for use in Socket 423 (also called Socket W) motherboards; however, it is compatible with Prescott Socket 478 architecture. The Socket 478 standard was based o... Read More »