My eye wont stop tearing ever since this morning it hurt when i blink?

Answer This happens to me often as I work the party scene in Vegas 5 nights a week. Glitter, smoke and just close contact with wild people (haha). And I wear contacts! I am constantly getting something ... Read More »

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Why does It hurt to blink?

You may be suffering from a condition called "Dry Eye " , You can get artificial tears from your doctor of your pharmacy which help greatly....................

How Can I Stop a Cat From Tearing Up My House?

Cats don't scratch furniture and rugs out of anger or spite. But your cat could be clawing the arm of your couch for a reason. Cats use their claws to create visual signposts for themselves and any... Read More »

How to stop screen tearing in games?

I honestly cant see why Vsync would destroy your fps with those stats...My computer isnt much better than yours and I have no issues with Vsync on any game

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