My eye is really puffy and sore and i can barely open it?

Answer see an eye docter not yahoo answers

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My legs are so sore I can barely walk... what should I do?

Yes you should walk it off, maybe about a mile at the most to get the lactic acid out of your legs. Lactic acid, or broken muscle matter, causes the soreness. You need to ice your legs, and you mig... Read More »

My thighs are always extremely sore for a few days and I can barely walk after a long satisfying session of...?

Good lord woman, how many more tattoos do you need? and where are the pictures of them?

How to Barely Open a Soda Can?

Have you been at school and you're really thirsty and your teacher won't let you get a drink? Take a soda can to school.

I have an open sore on my buttocks...should I go to the doctor..?

Probably, because your butt gets to be around so many germs (while sittin on the toilet) which could become seriously infected.