My eye has popped out?

Answer it.

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My eye has popped out, help?

Ok this is wat u gotta do have a friend go to walmart and get you some super glue(dont go in that way u dont draw attention)then put da glue on ur eye and shuv it bak in!!!lol nice joke!!!!!!!!but ... Read More »

I popped a zit right now?

i usually just use my fingers to pop them. wash my fingers off, wipe the zit area with a tissue, and then use alcohol pads on the area.

Sty popped, what now?

Guess so. treat like a normal wound in a sensitive area. Clean it up then keep it clean and nonseptic

Cherry popped, what does that mean?

It does mean losing your virginity. You were right. It's literally referring to the breaking of the hymen, the small piece of skin over the vaginal opening although, in active girls, this is very o... Read More »