My eye colour changes everyday,when i wake up its a different colour?

Answer Its nothing to worry about its perfectly normal. Its just in your genes and I honestly think that's really cool and unique for your eye color to change :)

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My Pc Monitor changes colour.The current colour is like orange or reddish.It's not comfortable.How do i ?

There could be a problem with the video cable leading from the PC to the projector, so try a different one if you have one. Also, try plugging the PC into a different monitor to see if the same pro... Read More »

If you could dye your garden a different colour what colour would it be?

rainbow meow! meow!!yes it would have to be rainbow D that way if you see something it wont be just one colour but lots of colours meow!! meow!!! for example: if you were looking at a tree it would... Read More »

I have a bunch of different hair colour pics. What colour would look best?

you have a peaches and cream complextion..very pretty, i would say go lighter1,5 and 6 would look phenominal on you whatever you like the best and what fits your personality,is the way to go though... Read More »

BEST COMBINATION OF FEATURES, ie eye colour, hair colour and skin colour?

Pale skin to coloured skinfair hair to dark hairblue eyes to black eyesskinny to curvyIts all bloody beautiful.