My external CD ROM drive is not working when plugged into usb port extender?

Answer Your problem is with the USB Hub or the extender not the printer or CD Rom..The issue is USB Hub is not carrying enough power to run both of you devices. The only way i can think of is first pluggi... Read More »

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Every time my printer is plugged into the usb port my wireless card stops working?

You can't use the USB and the wireless at the same time. You need to select either one and the wireless will work fine.

Why doesnt my external hard drive appear when plugged into my PC?

Cool! No body here is genius!We're just friendsIf no disconnection found try thisStart=> control panel => add new hardwareThe computer should identify all plug and play appliances attached like you... Read More »

Can i leave my external hard drive plugged in all the time?

An external hard drive can be left plugged in to both your computer and the wall at all times, and can be used just as if it was an internal hard drive. Much like your computer, it is advisable to ... Read More »

How do I add an external USB port to a hard drive?

Enclosures and AdaptersPurchase either an enclosure or an adapter for your hard drive. Adapters plug directly into the bare hard drive; they are cheap and easy to switch between drives but do nothi... Read More »