My entire left leg literally froze when doing jumping jacks?

Answer Well the first thing I thought of was a stroke, but you're a bit too young for one of those. You have possibly over-exerted yourself and shouldn't have pushed for more jumping jacks. If it still hu... Read More »

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How to Perform Jumping Jacks?

Do you want a sexy bod? Do you want all the ladies? Men? Jumping jacks are a basic structural workout that almost everyone has done as a child. What most people don’t know is how beneficial jumpi... Read More »

Is doing jumping jacks okay during pregnancy?

What does jumping jacks workout in your body?

jumping jacks, jogging and jumping rope are all among the most vigorous of exercises you can do, and they all involve all muscles of the muscles in the body in an aerobic manner. this increases the... Read More »

Is it possible to copy an entire hard xp + prog files from 1 hd to another.literally drag & drop ?

No the files are too big you need to make a data dvd(s)