My english partner wants to move to Australia to be a nurse can I apply for permanent residency?

Answer You can be included on her visa application and will be granted the same visa provided you qualify to be treated as her partner. If you're not a married heterosexual couple, you must provide eviden... Read More »

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Can I get permanent residency in Australia being a self employed web designer?

No, not on the basis of that occupation.Your occupation is not on the Schedule 1 Skilled Occupation List (SOL), so it's not eligible for an Independent or family sponsored visa. It isn't on the Sta... Read More »

I want move to Australia for education and then stay permanent?

You must save enough to be able to meet the financial requirements for obtaining a Student visa and that will depend on your assessment level. Select your country of citizenship and type of course ... Read More »

Can I apply for an Australian permanent visa while on a tourist visa in Australia?

You can apply for other visas while on a tourist visa in Australia as long as the visa label on your passport does not say "8503 No Further Stay." Check the requirements for the permanent visa you ... Read More »

My Australian permanent residency stamp is due to run out in december I will only have been in oz for a?

You'll have to stay for at least 2 years. Once the 5 years of your permanent visa expires, you won't be eligible for a 5 year Resident Return visa if you haven't lived in Australia for at least 2 o... Read More »