My engine needs replaced will my car insurance cover this?

Answer I highly doubt it. Unless the engine was damaged in an accident, the insurance would not cover it. But, you can ask them.

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If a tenant lives in your condo and a common area pipe leaks on their car causing damage should the HOA cover this or will your homeowners liability insurance cover this or neither?

Read both your master policy that covers the condominium association's assets and your homeowner's policy to verify coverage.Also, the tenant's insurance may be a possibility for coverage.Basically... Read More »

The coating is wearing off my 20" Stihl bar. Does this mean the bar needs to be replaced?

The bar is fine. You need to replace the bar if it gets damaged/bent or the groove dimensions exceed the manufacturer's specs. So long as it is oiling properly the bar should last for years.

I have a 5 year old projection TV. The bulb needs to be replaced and will cost $270. repair or buy new one?

If its a DLP projection, that's just part of the price you pay for owning a DLP set. The bulbs do die and do need to be replaced. But the rest of the TV ought to still be in perfect condition. J... Read More »

Will your day care's liability insurance cover the amount your personnel insurance doesn't cover?

Umbrella policies are often written as "following form" which means it only provides coverage if your primary (i.e. homeowners policy) provides coverage. Ask your insurance agent if you need to add... Read More »