My ear vibrates randomly Like a constant pounding then it stops?

Answer LOL no not a bug. It happens to every one i guess....happens to me too. My dads a gargles i guess. And dont worry!

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Is it bad when ur computer vibrates?

Yeah. You might want to check your fan or your CD drive. I've had both computers with loud CD drives and loud fans. Never had one enough to shake a whole house, but that have something do with it.

What does it mean when a duck vibrates its head?

A male duck will often vibrate or shake its head when in the presence of female ducks. This is the male's way of courting the female. This behavior is often seen among mallards. Males will also sha... Read More »

I am experiencing troubles while watching videos the audio stops and ten the video stops and the audio catches?

The problem is internet explorer so what you should do is download mozillla firefox and google chrome + update adobe flashplayer and AIR to the latest version. Please don't us internet explorer bec... Read More »

Why does the screen in the monitor vibrates when a ringing cell phone or a tv camera is placed near by..?

They are sending off an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP), that causes a temporary disruption of the electrical currents that are being used to light your monitor. This is a small scale version of what... Read More »