My ear is very itchy inside, I don't know what to do?

Answer Pain in the ear usually associated with severe itchiness aggravated by manipulating the ear. When cotton buds clean the ear, black particles could be extracted from the inside.Diagnosis: Actinomyc... Read More »

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Could a very dry red and itchy rash that seems to be spreading and discoloured on the inside of your leg be eczema?

Yes, it may be. It is often found on the inside creases of skin, there are treatments available after consulting your doctor such as cortisone creams and a great product from the chemist called "De... Read More »

Now that I have been devoured by mosquitos, what is the best way to treat very raised very itchy bites?

Household Items:Rub a bar of soap over the itch.Place a piece of scotch tape on the bite.Hot water: Take a hot shower, or a hot bath, or apply a hot compress.Ice cube, ice pack or very cold waterDa... Read More »

How can I go about tidying my very messy bedroom I dont know where to start!?

Chuck everything onto the bed, and throw all rubbish in a bin liner. Then just work through the pile you have created. That way you make room to get about the room, and you can't go to bed until yo... Read More »

My brother is 16 and he loves video games he already has an xbox 360 i dont know what to get him because he never talks to me very much and he plays it 24 7 what should i get him for Christmas?