My ear is very itchy inside, I don't know what to do?

Answer Pain in the ear usually associated with severe itchiness aggravated by manipulating the ear. When cotton buds clean the ear, black particles could be extracted from the inside.Diagnosis: Actinomyc... Read More »

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My vagina is itchy inside .?

try monostat 7 for a yeast infection do not use monostat 1 it is too strong

Could a very dry red and itchy rash that seems to be spreading and discoloured on the inside of your leg be eczema?

Yes, it may be. It is often found on the inside creases of skin, there are treatments available after consulting your doctor such as cortisone creams and a great product from the chemist called "De... Read More »

What could be the problem if you were bitten by an insect and have itchy red blotches all over your body and it feels as if something is moving inside of you?

I saw a programme on TV about a young girl who was bitten by an insect that turned out to be a sort of maggot or worm inside her, under the skin. She eventually had to go to hospital because she ig... Read More »

How do you change the name of a link If you dont understand please look inside?

If its a link from your website the code you would use would be similar to this:yahoo