My ear is swollen after stretching my ear?

Answer Don't ice it. It'll slow down the circulation there and make it worse. Leave it, I had this problem too at the same size and my 0's are in great condition now. Clean it with seasalt and water mixed... Read More »

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Swollen ear lobe after stretching?

just clean your piercing, what most people don't know is that 2g-0g and 0g-00g is skipping a size because there is a 1g but you can only get it online, and there is a size between 0g and 00g althou... Read More »

Swollen ear lobes after stretching my ears?

As long as you didn't skip a gauge, you should be fine. A little soreness, redness, and swelling is has happened to me every time I've stretched my ears. Usually by the next day the s... Read More »

Im sore after stretching!!!!?

You should keep stretching until you get it right. You will be sore but you have to try your level best to get to the point . So just keep practicing and you'll get it right. It will take time , be... Read More »

Stretching after working out?

If you don't stretch your muscles your tendons could snap. Also it releases a buildup of lactic acid when you stretch. Eat bananas and take glucosamine.