My ear gauges are bleeding should i be concerned?

Answer acrylic is bad to stretch with or even wear, but everybody does it. the reason it's bad is because if you DO get an infection, the acrylic plugs will absorb the bacteria.. and healing will become m... Read More »

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How to heal bleeding gauges?

You probably just took the jewelry out to soon. When first gauging your ear to the next size up leave in jewelry as much as possible to help with healing. Cleaning will help healing as well.

I just lost a part of my tooth what should I do its bleeding anyway to stop the bleeding?

first aid for a broken tooth is to put it in a cool glass of water, NOT MILK IT WILL DISOLVE THE NERVES ON YOUR TOOTH SO IT CAN"T BE CEMENTED BaCK ON and go to the emergency room. also, you may wan... Read More »

Should I be concerned?

Get back to our country and see a doc, sounds like maybe Mono, but could be any number of things from a simple allergy to something more severe.

Where should rain gauges be situated?

Rain gauges measure how much rain was received at a location over a certain period of time. They should be situated in a vertical position, from 30 to 50 feet away from buildings, trees or plants. ... Read More »