My dvd player won't open, what should I do?

Answer Turn it off, then turn it back on. Then try to eject the disc. If it still does not work try unplugging the player for about 10-15 minutes. Then try to get the disc out again. If those options ... Read More »

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Limera1n wont open up what do you do?

You do nothing, Limera1n hasn't been released yet.

My Internet Explorer wont open. What can i do,lol?

ok i would have to know why the system was being restored if it was a virus the action of restore can deal with some of that, by default the restore does not disable any programme and i would say t... Read More »

What to do if samsung dvd player freezes and wont turn off?

try unplugging it, then turn it on again. If the same thing happens, you're probably out of luck. I had a Memorex one go out after about a year...same problem.

When your DVD player freezes up and wont eject the DVD...what is reason and how can get DVD back out?

Is this a standalone DVD player connected to your television, or a DVD player in a computer? If it is a standalone player, unplug the power, plug it back in, and try ejecting.If it is a computer DV... Read More »