My dryer stopped drying, we can put it through two cycles and clothes are still wet?

Answer that happened to me once, i think your thermostat is broken. also try cleaning the lint catcher, it might help but i feel its the thermostat.

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How to Fix a Dryer when It Stops Drying Your Clothes?

A standard dryer.At some point in your dryer's use, it will seem to stop or not fully dry clothes. This is an article which explains what to do when this occurs.

The drum inside my clothes dryer has stopped spinning , how can i fix it?

sometimes a tumble drier overheats and knocks itself off to emliminate this check if there is a red reset button at the back if there is press it .after you think the machine has cooled done try it... Read More »

If the heating element is burned out on a clothes dryer does the dryer still pull 240V while running?

You will still have 240V going to the element itself it just won't be causing the element to heat up. Make sure the dryer is unplugged, take the back off the dryer and pull the element out. It's us... Read More »

Why doesn't my dryer seem to be drying efficiently?

It's very important to clean the lint filter after each dryer load. You'll be very surprised at how quickly your laundry dries after cleaning the filter, not to mention the safety issues of keeping... Read More »